August 29th

Be Chico - Day of Service


Location: Bell Memorial Union
Category: Community Service

CSU Chico is a civic engagement leader and our students treat Chico like it's their hometown. Join us and Community Action Volunteers in Education, partnered with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs in a joint cleanup effort of school sites, downtown and campus neighborhoods. Start your year off right by volunteering followed bya free barbeque.

Turner Art Exhibit: Does Size Matter -- Small to Large Scale Prints


Location: Turner Print Museum, Meriam Library
Category: Arts, Theatre, & Music

What part of the artist’s intent is found in the choice of scale? This exhibition displays some of the Turner’s smallest images with its largest. Is the experience of intimacy, inherent in the small scale, possible in larger scale works? What part does surface detail play in the change in scale? Through an exploration of visual and experiential differences, what might seem like a technical consideration becomes the foundation for visual perception.

Gallery closed Sundays and Sept. 7 (Labor Day).

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Turner Website —

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Midnight Pancake Breakfast


Location: Sutter Courtyard
Category: Ceremonies & Receptions

Pancakes at midnight, yum!